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“Today marks one week of drinking tea and we can say that we are amazed by the results! 😍 My mom has lost 2.8kg and I have lost 1.3kg in just one week!!”


Lipo Beauty Tea

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Lipo Beauty Tea

Lipo Beauty Tea

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More energy - Flatter tummy, personal happiness

• Aid in weight loss

• Reduce your craving for sweets

• Eliminate retained water in your body.

• An energizing dose of happiness-boosting vitamins

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One Lipo Beauty Tea per week for more energy, a flatter tummy and personal happiness

Achieve the best results with our Detox Bundles

Lipo Beauty 30 Day Cleanse
1 Lipo Beauty Tea program for 30 days
1 x 20 Citrus Green Tea Bags
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60 Day Body Detox System
2 Lipo Beauty Tea programs for 60 days
2 x 20 Green Tea Bags
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90 Day Total Body Purification
3 Lipo Beauty Tea programs for 90 days
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Enhance your inner and outer beauty. Top results in 2 weeks!

Join our community of satisfied customers and see the real results for yourself

Wat is LipoBeauty Thee?

  • Lose weight without crazy diets

    Cleanses the intestines & flushes out toxins and built-up waste (💩) that has been lingering in your gut for years.

  • Reduce your craving for sweets

    Late-night snack cravings? No worries - our Lipo Beauty Tea helps curb the desire for candy, cookies, chocolates, and cakes.

  • Reduce bloating

    Lipo Beauty Tea and its 15 natural ingredients help your kidneys realease retained fluids and improves digestion.

  • A joyful infusion of vitamins and energy

    Research has shown that the above three benefits have yielded the greatest results among our customers.

Natuurlijk, veganistisch, niet-toxisch

Actieve Ingrediënten


Zorgt vaak voor het verlagen van het cholestrolgehalte en reguleert de bloedsuikerspiegel en de eetlust, waardoor je langer een verzadigd gevoel hebt.

Groene thee

Zit vol antioxidanten en stoffen zoals catechinen en cafeïne die bijdragen tot het stimuleren van vetverbranden.


Gunstig voor stemmingsverlichting en stimuleert de slaapkwaliteit. Beide effectedn zorgen ervoor dat je minder trek in zoetigheid krijgt of late night snacks.


Stimuleert gewichtsverlies, verlaagt de bloeddruk, beschermt met antioxidanten.


Dankzij de aanwezigheid van carvacrol helpt het bij het voorkomen van gewichtstoename en het afnemen van cholestrol.


Bevat weinig calorieën, maar veel voedingsstoffen - dit maakt het een zeer goed onderdeel voor je dieet.


Zuiverend kruid, bevordert de spijsvertering en laat het opgeblazen gevoel van je buik verminderen dankzij het verdrijven van gassen.


Bevordert de spijsvertering en zorgt voor een heerlijke zoete en dorstlessende smaak.


Helpt bij het verwijderen van  opgestapelde gifstoffen in het lichaam waardoor je dat opgeblazen gevoel in je buik vermijdt.


Helpt bij het verminderen van darmklachten en diarree, waardoor eventuele darmklachten veroorzaakt door de andere ingrediënten van de thee sterk verminderen.


Helpt bij het verminderen van vermoeidheid en verbetert de spijsvertering.


Eigenschappen en Voordelen

  • Helpt bij gewichtsbeheersing
  • Ondersteunt leverfunctie en ontgifting
  • Verlaagt ontsteking in het lichaam
  • Verbeterd de spijsvertering en voedingsstofopname
  • Verhoogt energieniveaus
  • Verbetert mentale helderheid en focus
  • Bevordert een gezonde huid
  • Geen toegevoegde suiker of kunstmatige zoetstoffen

Who we are and what we do

Lipo Beauty, was founded by Pinar for helping as many women as possible. Her goal is to help women feel and look good in their own skin, and with her Lipo Beauty Tea provide the solution that many have long desired.

Experience the benefits of improved energy, elevated mood, a slimmer waistline, and an end to stomach bloating with our tea and a healthy lifestyle. These positive results will empower you with the confidence to feel your best, and take on the world with renewed self-assurance!

How to Use Lipo Beauty Tea

1. Prepare your tea

Let one bag of Lipo Beauty Tea steep for about 10 to 15 minutes in a bag with about 200 ml of boiling water. Drink a maximum of one cup per week, approximately around dinner time.

2. Combine with green tea

To achieve optimal results, combine Lipo Beauty Tea with drinking our Citrus Green Tea three times a day and at the same time maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

3. Track your results

Weigh yourself before you start drinking the tea and record your weight. Wait three days and weigh yourself again to measure progress.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should the tea be drunk in the evening before dinner?

This is different for every person, but we recommend this for the first use. If you notice that it doesn't work well in the evening, you can also drink the tea on an empty stomach.

Does this Lipo Beauty Tea really work?

80% of Lipo Beauty's Tea users experience weight loss when the tea is combined with a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

I get stomach cramps, is this normal?

Yes, abdominal cramps are normal, the tea ensures that your intestines work properly.

Is the Lipo Beauty Tea safe?

You don't have to worry about that. The tea is completely safe as it is 100% organic.

Could the tea give me diarrhea?

If you have a lot of fluids, you may get diarrhea during your first use, but this is completely harmless. In fact, it's good because it means cleaning your bowels.

Does this tea make you lose weight?

I recommend you check out the reviews! 80% of our customers experience weight loss within the first 5 days when they combine it with a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Ready to transform your health and feel amazing? Achieve the best results with our Detox Bundles

Lipo Beauty 30 Day Cleanse


1 Lipo Beauty Tea
1 x 20 Green Tea Bags

€49.90 - €44.90 SAVE €5.00

60 Day Body Detox System


2 Lipo Beauty Tea
2 x 20 Green Tea Bags

€100 - €69.90 SAVE €30

90 Day Total Body Purification


3 Lipo Beauty Tea
3 x 20 Green Tea Bags

€149 - €99.90 SAVE €49

Customer reviews

Based on 51 reviews

I lost 6 kg in 3 weeks and it still tastes good 👌🏻


Started the slimming tea last Monday. This morning on the scales-2 kg. This in combination with drinking a lot of green tea is an easy way to lose weight. I'm definitely a fan of it!


Been using the tea for 2 weeks super satisfied, lost 2.5 kg
Highly recommended..


In 1 week -2.5 kg!
I am very satisfied, highly recommended 👍❤️


Very efficient tea with sublime effect 💯💯💯
2,6 kg with 1 x use 👌👌👌

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