About us

About Us

Lipobeauty was founded by Pinar. She started Cryolipolysis (a cosmetic treatment aimed at freezing fat) with the aim of making other women feel better about themselves and make them more beautiful. That goal has never changed, but Pinar noticed that her clients only reduced in centimeters with Cryolipolysis, but not in kilograms. So part of her goal had been achieved, but not all of it.


That's why Pinar started a study to achieve her goal 100%. At one point, her mom gave her a tea that helped her lose weight. And that result was the last piece Pinar needed to fully achieve her goal. With much testing and research, her own tea was created. Now her customers really lose weight, not only in centimeters but also in kilos!

Pinar, founder and inspirer of Lipo Beauty, has used this tea to look for all the best elements that exist to create a natural and healthy tea that ensures that you can lose those last kilos and feel better about yourself.