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Who we are and what we do

Lipobeauty was founded by Pinar to help as many women as possible. Her goal is to support women to feel and look good in their own skin, and her Lipobeauty Tea provides the effect that many have long desired.


An energy boost, more happiness, fewer pounds, a lower number of centimetres and the disappearance of that bloated feeling in your stomach. And all of these benefits, in turn, give you the confidence you need to feel better about yourself. A confidence boost!

Lose Weight, Crush Desires: Detox Tea Bundles!

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Why Lipo Beauty Tea?

- Promotes a healthy weight

- Improves abdominal health
- Stimulates digestion
- Helps relieve bloating

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should the tea be drunk in the evening before dinner?

This is different for every person, but we recommend this for the first use. If you notice that it does not work well in the evening, you can also drink the tea on an empty stomach.

Does this Lipo Beauty Tea really work?

80% of Lipo Beauty's Tea users experience weight loss. But weight loss is a process of several factors so results cannot be guaranteed, it depends from person to person.

I get stomach cramps, is this normal?

Yes, abdominal cramps are normal, the tea ensures that your intestines work properly.

Is the Lipo Beauty Tea safe?

You don't have to worry about that. The tea is completely safe as it is 100% organic.

Could the tea give me diarrhea?

If you have a lot of fluids, you may get diarrhea during your first use, but this is completely harmless. In fact, it's good because it means cleaning your bowels.

Does this tea make you lose weight?

Yes, the feedback from my customers shows that they often lose 1-3 kg within the first 3 days.