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Lipo Beauty Tea

Lipo Beauty Tea

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🍵 Discover the Natural Power of Our Herbal Tea!

• Aid in weight loss

• Looks cloudy because it is full of good things

• Eliminate retained water in your body.

• An energizing dose of happiness-boosting vitamins

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One Lipo Beauty Tea per week for more energy, a flatter tummy and personal happiness
Lipo Beauty 30 Day Cleanse
1 Lipo Beauty Tea program for 30 days
1 x 20 Citrus Green Tea Bags
€49.90 - €44.90 Saved €5
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  • Lose weight without crazy diets

    Our herbal teas provide a calming experience after a busy day, so you can relax and enjoy the moment.

  • 🍃 A Wellness Ritual

    Discover the age-old tradition of enjoying herbal tea. Many have reported that it is a welcome ritual in their daily routine.

  • Reduce bloating

    Our teas are formulated with carefully selected herbs, known for their diverse flavors and ability to help maintain a healthy weight.

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What is LipoBeauty Tea?

Why Choose Lipobeauty Tea?

At Lipobeauty we believe in the power of natural support. Although we do not make any specific health claims, we invite you to enjoy our teas as a delicious, hydrating drink that complements a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Ready to transform your health and feel amazing? Achieve the best results with our Detox Bundles

Lipo Beauty 30 Day Cleanse


1 Lipo Beauty Tea
1 x 20 Green Tea Bags

€49.90 - €44.90 SAVE €5.00

Customer Reviews

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Askalu Berhane

Lipo Beauty Tea

Fatima Hashimi

Lipo Beauty Tea

Fabienne Van de Looverbosch
Lipo beauty tea

Ik kan momenteel nog niet veel zeggen daar ik gisteren voor de 2e maal een thee heb gedronken.

Kirsten Derhaeg - Officenter

Lipo Beauty Tea

Melodie Timmermans
Lipo beauty tea

Geen verandering merkbaar

Please note: Although some customers have reported that they find our tea helpful in their weight management, these experiences are personal and may vary. Always consult a health professional for specific health advice.